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    Klik hier voor een grotere foto van Hoe gaat het met de studenten in Ghana?

    Hoe gaat het met de studenten in Ghana?

    Van Zoelen sponsort al jaren een aantal jongeren in Ghana om ze een kans te bieden om te gaan studeren.
    We ondersteunen hierin momenteel nog 3 studenten, Baah Redeemer, Barbara Okyerewa en Manu Johnson. Onlangs hebben wij brieven van hen mogen ontvangen over de voortgang van hun studie.

    Tevens hebben wij een brief van Dorcas mogen ontvangen, zie hieronder:

    Dear Messer Holland Ghana Foundation  

    Greetings from Ghana to you all ,

     I am glad  we have come to the end of yet another academic year and  I feel  happy to  express my appreciation to all our donors for making it possible  for these less privilege once to smile into their education  with hope. 

    I being the secretary representative here in Ghana, I find it a privilege to express my sentiment for the great job your doing. I for once   being a beneficiary of the benevolence of the Late J.G. Knol of which foundation  I have  stood on up till this time , I really understand the contribution your putting in to help these unfortunate ones. And   having tasted how it is to be in need during my educational era when I lost my parents ,it  is in this regard that I feel happy to also contribute my best to help push your efforts. 

     Since I am responsible in giving out the fees to the students, receiving reports and other documents for forwarding and filing, I also take the opportunity to advice them whenever they come around in person for their fees and also encouraged them to put in I their best.  

    Some Challenges I encounter is  Collection of Reports has been a problem throughout the previous academic years since the schools has introduced internet data access where students will have to print and access  their report from the internet. Since we have no internet cafe’s in some communities so accessing becomes a   problem, so this becomes a problem for students to come along with their reports hence the delay to forwards on time to the Board. 

    Communication with the students is always a difficulty because the only time I can get them is when they come for their fees periodically and because of distance too  some  of them who have to travel a far distance because of transportation  request money transfers to ease the m of travel expenses.

     On behalf of the students and myself I wish to thank the Board Once again, God bless you all.

    Dorcas Duah.